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Frontpage / Persondataregistrering

We only register your personal data for the purpose of delivering the goods to you. The personal information we collect through our website is only collected with your active consent. You must always enter the information we collect yourself.
When you sign up for a newsletter, we register your stated e-mail address. The email address is not passed on to others.
The data responsible for is Adm. Dir. Per Silkjær
Below you can see exactly what information is collected and what it is used for.
1. Required information
In order to place an order in our webshop it is necessary that you register with the following personal information:
* Company name
* Your name
* The address of the item to be shipped and invoiced to
* Your phone number (used as account number)
* Your email address (used to send email confirmations)
2. Use of information
The information you enter is transmitted electronically from our webshop to our accounting system, where they are registered as customer information and form the basis for billing and delivery of your order.
According to the Bookkeeping Act, we have a duty to store information and documents about trading with our customers for 5 years. This is common to all companies in Denmark.
We do not store customer information encrypted, and only company employees have access to the information that may have been recorded about our customers.
3. Disclosure of information
We do not disclose personal or customer information to third parties. Excluded are cases where we are required by public authorities to provide information, as well as specific cases where, in connection with arrears and non-payments, we are forced to hand over the recovery of our receivables to a third party, for example. lawyer or collection company.
However, we do provide customer information for review of Licotronic to Trustpilot.
We do not transmit customer information encrypted.
We do not record any sensitive information.
4. Disclosure of stored information
As registered in our webshop, you always have the right to object to the registration and you have the right to insight into what information is registered about you. You have these rights under the Personal Data Act. Possibly. Please contact our bookkeeping in this regard.

5. Cookies We generally do not use cookies in our webshop. If you actively opt for it yourself, in our webshop you have the opportunity to place a cookie on your own hard drive, which will remember your user login the next time you return and visit Infohuset's webshop. 6. Log Statistics Our website uses log statistics, which means that a statistical system collects information that can give a picture of how many visitors our website has had, where they come from, and what products our visitors find interesting etc. We only use log statistics for the purpose of optimizing our webshop and its functionality.